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What to expect 
The process: About

Book a consultation

  • First , fill in a contact form on the website.

  • You will be contacted to arrange a free zoom or face to face consultation.

  • At your consultation we make sure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment. 

  • We then discuss how I can help you to get the results you want to achieve.

  • A patch test and deposit will be taken if you decide to go ahead.

first session

You will arrive to your appointment with clean hair or  a freshly shaved head.

We will go through any concerns or new questions you may have


Your hairline will be measured and mapped out and mix your shade of ink.

Treatment usually takes between 2-4hrs depending on size of area.


Treatment will be light and dots will be quite spread out. This prevents migration of the dots (dots joining up)

You may experience redness that will subside within a few hours.


You may see a massive difference you may only see a little. Trust the process!


second session

After your first treatment has healed your second session will be booked in between 10days to 4 weeks. 

During the healing from your first session you may have experienced some scalp sensitivity and scabbing. Scalp needs to be healed with no dry patches for second session.

in the second session we will fill in any gaps and start layering the dots closer together for a nice and natural look.

A slight colour adjustment may be made depending on how the first treatment has healed

Treatment will last around the same amount of time as first session.

You will follow the aftercare.

Third session

Usually this is a final session, however further sessions may be needed depending on how well previous treatments have held.

Final details will be added during this session. filling in all gaps and ensuring edges remain soft and natural.

You will leave feeling happy ,looking good with a new boost of confidence!


Ensure you stick to the strict aftercare and continue to protect your scalp with sunscreen or hat on sunny days. 

come back for a top up between 2-5 years.

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